Mentoring Frameworks

Frameworks on Inner Life:
1. When you see as God sees, you will do as God says

2.Environment versus invironment

3. Blue bar, red bar

4. Ministry is the outflow of live. 

5. The quality of life determines the quality of ministry.

6. Worship, Walk, and Work

7. Our choices determine our destiny

8. Nothing to prove, nothing to loss, and nothing to hide

9. Break with, Break in = break through


11.Transformation cannot be engineered

12. Surrender, Study, Solitude, Service (Disciplines)

13. Devotional, Domestic, Development

14. Desire, Discipline, Delight, Devotion

Frameworks on Mentoring:
1. Learn, Apply, Reap, Pass it On

2. The substructures, structures, superstructures

3. Perspective, Power, Posture, and Pragmatic

4. Laboratory, Learning, Leverage, and Legacy (and Limitations)

5. Explorers versus Experts

6. Icon versus Idol (James Houston)

7.We don’t try to be disciples, we train

8.A certain kind

9.You are the delivery system

10.Leaders produce after their own kind

11.Roots and Wings

12.Three Mentoring Questions

13.4-Fold Crisis: identity, truth, authority, and spirituality

Frameworks on Leadership:
1.Design, not by default

2. Leaders live in the future

3. Effectiveness, Efficiency, Efficacy

4. Different strokes to different folks

5. Think things through, move things through, and pray things through

6. Leading from the inside out

7. Plan to succeed or plan to fail

8. Distinctive, Dynamic, Directional – Vision

9. Leading, not being led

10.Transformational proceeds multiplication

11.Leaders do what leadership requires (Bill Hybels)

12.People don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect (Sparks)

13.Five Levels of Leadership

14.Calling, Competence, Character, Chemistry, Capital, Capacity

15.Transformation is the goal of leadership

16.The key is there is no key

17.You are the delivery system

18.Personal Canvas, Leadership Canvas, Fuller

19.Think frameworks

20.Shepherd, Teacher, Leader

21.Speak gently, lead strongly

22.Status, stature, substance

Frameworks on Ministry/Preaching:
1. Spiritual, Personal, Organizational

2. Grace, Growth, Godliness

3. Change Me, Use Me, Train Me, Empower Me, Multiply Me

4. Values, Visions, Vehicles

5. Truth, Community, Brokenness, Balance, Stewardship (5 Core Values)

6. 8 Core Curriculum

7. Do Less For More

8. Authentic discipleship, Intentional disciplemaking

9. Model, Movement, Multiplication, Mandate

10.Content, Community, Consecration (Holistic Disciplemaking)


12.What I affirm, appreciate, what I apply

13.Faith and Fire

14.Content, Clarity, Conviction, Communication

15.Huh, Hmm, Aha, Wow!

Frameworks on Theology:
1.Righteousness, Godliness, Holiness

2. Theological of work anchored upon a theology of fruitfulness

3. Where you live determines how you live

4. The Bible is not just a book of meetings, it’s a book of messages

5. God we are to know, the life we are to live, a purpose to embrace

6. What we expect, experiences, enjoy

7. Form, Deform, Transform, Conform

8. Who God Is, What He Has Done, Unchanging Principles in how he deals with man

9. Theology at its simplest, is theology at its finest

10.Upward -> outward

11.Theological Competency versus. Credentials

I am privileged to learn these from my church and post it here to share.

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