5 October 2012

Nearing Home - Billy Graham

Nearing Home - Life, Faith and Finishing well by Billy Graham.

This is a great book by the elderly Billy Graham, written by an elderly, for the elderlies, inspiring the elderlies
to live a meaningful and purposeful life, at their station of life.

Though I'm not exactly an elderly person yet, I thoroughly enjoyedand benefitted from the wealth of wisdom found in the pages of this wonderfully written book. It inspires me to live on purposefully. It reminded me to be thankful for what I had already achieved. And I felt that it prepares me for the future as an elderly person,
giving me a realistic feel to what life is like as an elderly and what things you need to prepare ahead - e.g. like a living will.

What I like too is that it has a good balance of both scriptural verses and modern day quotations. These are good compass points for those preparing for their life ahead.

Overall, a good inspirational read, and I would recommend it to all who wants to be well prepared as they face their golden years.

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