9 May 2012

Going Deep

This is the second book that I got from the Book Sneeze people. It was a great service and good book offer from them, but unfortunately, I cannot say the same for this book, Going Deep: Becoming a Person of Influence by Gordon MacDonald.

This book looks attractive in design and title, but as I read it, I was turned off by the diary style that the author took in writing this book. The big ideas are slow to surface from the many details of the diary style. Many chapters into the book, and I am still left wondering where all these is taking me and I just gave up reading. At the end  of the day, this  book is good for those with patience and who can slowly trace the themes and plots leisurely. For the similar topic, I would recommend Edmund Chan's "Growing Deep in God", which is better.

I have since moved on and am reading from iPad with iBook app and the eBrary, a National Library electronic resource. Recently downloaded the free version of George Mueller's biography and was indeed touched by his comments to take the statements of promises in prayer at face value and not to limit it by our lack of faith.

More to come later on.

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