22 March 2012

School Holidays - a time of rest and re-creation

After 10 weeks of my first term this year, the school holidays are finally here again. Three weeks of nothing much to do lies ahead of me.

Well, not really nothing much to do. The 1st week (this week) was filled up for me by my employers. It was briefing on Tuesday, talks and workshops on Wednesday, workshop on Thursday and followed by another full day training on Friday. My only real full break is in week 2 and 3 where I am spared from any training or meetings.

Training sessions are supposed to be fun. But when its conducted by the management, the fun somehow disappears and we slogged through it occupying ourselves by looking at our timepieces. Still, there are nuggets of wisdom here and there to be found.

2 nuggets surfaced for me. The 1st is by Andrew Goh, the speaker for our session - his quote struck a deep chord with me: If you look at the cost, you will not see the value behind it. If you look at the value, you will not see the cost. This speaks to me for so often I only see the costs and ignore the value of the matter, especially in things like bringing up my kids. That RWS ticket costs supersedes the family time value :-(

Secondly, while attending the aircon maintenance workshop, I learnt that there are a few other parts of the split air conditioner unit that I can dismantle and clean, i.e. drain tray, roller coil. Yes, something to be learnt.

I looked forward to next week's trip to Sumatra too. It's been a few years since I last went back to do mission work and it will be exciting to do mentoring with the cousins.

Thank God for such holidays. If not for them, life will be too cramped and teachers like us will never have a chance to spread our wings and find the other side of us.

Till the next holiday. That's another 10 weeks away.

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