8 February 2012

Season of DISC tests

This is the season where we rushed out to complete the DISC Personality Profiling for our students by March. It is quite hectic as when you are explaining, no one bothers to listen to you, and once they start, they would all screamed and want you to help them out over everything. There is only one teacher to 40 crying students with snail-slow desktops and lagging internet connections.

Once they are done, it is our turn to be bogged down reading and explaining their graphs to them. We are to watch out for the overdrive, under-drive and transition patterns and flagged these to the Class Advisors for further follow up.

It is a good tool but unfortunately few students pay any attention to it. Few see the value of it and click the buttons flippantly resulting in many weird patterns and false alarm patterns. What a pity! We are throwing pearls to swines again.

A better way would be to use a cheaper pen-paper version and to explain in detail for those who are interested. Unfortunately, our school has bought into the system and use DISC to flag out students with crisis patterns. I feel that the results may not be very accurate as they do not take it seriously. Also, these crisis patterns are a secondary result of DISC, not the main product of who they are and how they can best relate to each other.

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