7 January 2012

Passed Premier Pro Level 1

One of the more tangible things achieved during my 4 weeks long school holidays is this Adobe Premier Pro Level 1 Foundation certificate. It is a 2 day course conducted by Vox Lab Singapore, one of the 3 certified Adobe centres locally. Taught by the Italian boss, who introduced himself with a long list of ACP, ACA, etc, etc, it was nonetheless a good comprehensive course covering about 80% of all the most used things in Premier Pro. I was quite impressed by his depth of knowledge and his ability to bring in interesting work examples too. His laid back style of lessons does take some getting used to though coming from my company type of course or Civil Service College.

Video editing is indeed a very technical subject. Stitching clip to clip is simple. But understanding the hardware part of the video systems can be mind bogging. On balance, I’m happy that I now know how to edit and add video effects into videos and that is what lay man videos are all about.

One interesting event that struck me is how one student became his employee months later. In class, they came across a problem with background sound/noise in the video. This lady quietly did her google research and presented the solution which our Italian trainer did not know. Soon after when there was a vacancy, she was hired. What spoke to me was quiet efficiently in work. It is appreciated and valued everywhere. It is a great contrast to loud boasting with no substance.

Another thing that I noticed is how people dressed in Orchard road area and in my school. It is like day and night difference. Here people dressed to the nines. Attractive and poshed. In my school, you can get away with short sleeves and running shoes. Here, even the jeans looked higher class. I felt that dressing smart does make a difference in your professional attitude. Sloppy clothes will tend to make sloppy workers too.

It is indeed good to get away from work-shell and be exposed to the world once a while. 

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