3 January 2012

God can turn even the hardest hearts around

I was inspired by the guest speaker last Sunday. He was an ex-drug addict, ex-convict, bad guy in all sense of the word. Stole his father's drugs at 11 and got hooked since. Got in and out of jail and DRCs many times and yet did not change. The turning point came for him when he saw his grandmother wept for him and his dad (they are both in jail) and he decided to change. The Lord helped him too by sending a Malay warden to pass him a Chinese Bible to read to pass away his boredom in jail. Heb 10's mentioned of the Lord 'punishes' or in Chinese canes those whom He loved spoke to him deeply as he was just given the rotan and he surrendered and gave his life to Jesus.

From then on he changed for the better. He went around churches and groups sharing the gospel, even to other countries around the world. God helped him to get married too, something no drug addicts expected as they think nobody would want them. He also graduated from the seminary too. His name - Kevin Soh.

All these spoke to me about a God who can change us. When we are down and out, and have given up hope on ourselves, God has not. He can and will change us when we return to Him. I teared when I heard his testimony of a great and loving God doing wonders for him. And for me too, if I let Him (the difficulty lies in surrender. Many have turned away at this point and have not tasted the possibility of true change).

Lord, will you take this life and use it? Use whatever that is left of it for your glory. The dreams that I once had, now probably shattered and forgotten, and to realized it again as you have done for many others. That others will know that you are the mighty God who can do the impossible.

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