30 December 2011

Yearly goals

For each year, I would review the goals for that year and set my goals at around the last 2 days of the year. For my goals, I would normally classify them under: professional life, family and personal (including spiritual).

As I looked at this year's goals, I heaved out a sigh as I missed the mark in many of the categories. Was I over ambitious at the start of the year? I don't think so as my goals seemed so tepid and unexciting. It's a mere incremental change over the previous year's goals and a continuation from goals missed last year.

I hoped for  more exciting goals. Something worthy, something greater that I can happily die for without regrets.  When there's no worthy goals, the soul shrivels and goes for worthless things to fill up the excess time. Oh, for a worthy cause to die for!!

While I await and seek out the worthy goals, I really need to constantly remind myself and strive harder to fulfill these goals that I wrote down. I realised that I am one who is easily beaten . Not beaten by other, but by myself. Hence I need to regularly re-examine my life, my thoughts and menta models. And work on it!

Remember - Goals are to be worked at and achieved. Not looked at and forgotten. 

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