2 December 2011

Thinking of Earning some extra cash

Lately I was thinking about earning some extra cash. My household bills have risen while pay is not increasing fast enough. Sounds familiar right?

After googling many sites, I have compiled a list of possible ways to make some extra dollars. Taking into consideration of my level of skills, interests and handicaps, my list is as follows:
1. Invest in the stock market - intra day trades, ETFs, CFDs
2. Sell things on the web - eBay
3. Sell services on the web - counsel
4. Earn some advert $ - affiliate schemes
5. Win contests
6. Do paid surveys at globaltestmarket.com
7. Contribute to Staff Suggestion schemes
8. Cook and sell
9. Repair PC for others
10. Run errands for payment
11. Virtual assistant
12. Mystery shoppers
13. Teach at the CC, night classes
14. Grade papers for fee
15. Design and maintain websites
16. Write for blogs
17. Usertesting - test out websites
18. Pay to click sites
19. Read emails and be paid at inboxdollars.com
20. Answer questions at Justanswer.com
21. Suggest domain names at pickydomains.com
22. Give tuition
23. Pet sit, home sit, baby sit
24. Rent out - shares, room, car, pc

While I look into earning money, there is also a need to look into lowering costs. Pay off existing credit card bills and long term loans as quickly as possible is worth more that making that extra one or two dollars.

My early ventures into some of the above routes hit a blank wall. Things like mystery shoppers, paid surveys and advert schemes are super slow in earning money. I have an inkling that they are cashing in on my information data instead.

All these remind me that while I think about them, I must not lose sight of the daily provision of the heavenly Father who is much more sincere in giving and have our real interests at heart.

Hmm.. I was just writing about broken cisterns in my posts...

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