14 December 2011

Temptations of an iPad2

I received an email recently on my contest entry for the LTA Fresh Ideas for a Better Ride contest and was told that my idea, the e-Scroll, was among the top 8 of 667 ideas submitted. I was pleased naturally, but what then caught my eye was that the top 3 ideas can win an iPad2.

Instantly, many ideas start conjuring up in my head. I can enter the voting using my family members' names. I can start to put an entry on FB and blogs and get many people to vote for me. I can also tell all my friends and relatives.....

Until suddenly I paused and realised what I am doing - all for an iPad2. I am being subtly seduced into wanting and lusting after a nice looking object that I lose sight of my principles and what is right and wrong.

Resisting such temptations are hard as they go against your inner nature. Of course I want the iPad2! Besides who will know if I get others to vote? You see my drift?

But at the end of the day, we need to fear God and obey His laws. Disobeying them and living a life based on our wants, only serve to make us no different from animals and other lower life forms.

Help me Lord to walk the correct path.

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