7 December 2011

Slippery path of sin

How easy it is to lapse back into sin! All it takes is some boredom, some lack of purpose or a little seed of thought and you are re-hook by the evil one again.

Will strong resolve not to sin help? Yes, to a certain extent. It will help you to fend off sin for a while. Remember in the fight with sin and the evil one, we cannot just use human weapons, but the weapons that God gave and reminded in us Eph 6. Know that we are fighting not against flesh and blood but the principalities of this world. It is indeed very hard to fight against it - take the internet evils for one.

Also, unless the strongholds of sin within us are defeated, it will continue to be a snare to us hindering our victory over temptations and sin.

Can we ever be fully victorious? I believe so, if not there will not be 1 Cor.10:13. We have to live by faith and keep short accounts with sin.

Fight on. Believing.

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