26 December 2011

The return of the Relatives.

Once a year, my sister in law's family will either return to Singapore or our few families will travel up to Perth for our reunion. This year it was their turn to travel over on route to US for more holidaying before meeting up for the Chinese New Year and then back to Perth.

The kids love to meet up. Whenever they are back or there, they will meet up almost 24/7 yakking the night away. The adults will also make extra efforts to be together and will go out of the way to buy things or dine or be with each other. It was a time for all of them to look forward to. A highlight of the year.

For me, strangely, and embarrassingly, it was like - huh again? I am not close to them and am glad that our efforts at emigration did not work out. I guess that there are some people you just cannot click with - and you will never know why too.

When they are back, I will drag my feet to the venues and try not to look bored or else my wife will have a lot to say after that. For the last few years, though they asked us to go over repeatedly, we have not been there, only sending our kids over once. It was a big sum of money for the airfare. But I think in truth, the issue is not with the airfares.

Well this saga is going to continue for sure. How can I make it more palatable for me and for all?

There is just something inside me that makes me detest the company. So "sinful" but yet so unavoidable. Sigh. Lord help me be more Christlike and forgiving. It will put a smile on all if that happens.

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