5 December 2011

Got a free Mitch & Marc watch

Collected my "free" Mitch & Marc watch recently after taking up a bank balance transfer and sticking to it for 6 months, dutifully paying the interests costs and the one time admin fee. The watch was purportedly worth about $500.

I doubt so.

When I went to the gift redemption centre at Peninsula Plaza, I can see that it was a small little company that specialises in gift redemption, not just for Maybank, but for many other companies who uses such gimmicks to lure unsuspecting customers. I am sure they got it at huge discounted outlet prices and that my fees easily paid for it with excess to cover their advertising costs.

Sure it was a nice looking branded watch with leather strap that was a bit big. But don't go for this deal just for this watch. You could have easily got a much better watch at some of the online sites.

Go for it only if you need a balance transfer to tide over your mounting credit card bills. And be sure to pay as soon as your incomes come in.

Like they say, there is no free lunch.

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