2 December 2011

The God who speaks

I have been out of touch with God for a long while. It has indeed been a long time since I open up the Word or hear an audio sermon. Even in the service, what the pastor speaks do not really strike me as useful or personal. 

Yet in the midst of my indifference, God spoke out in a still small inner voice through Jer. 2:13 as I was crossing the road. 

“My people have committed two sins: 
They have forsaken me, 
   the spring of living water, 
and have dug their own cisterns, 
   broken cisterns that cannot hold water. (NIV)

I instantly recognised it as from God as it speaks directly at where I am now in life and at my foolishness. I have forsaken Him and strive for my own salvation at useless things, things that hold no water.

Let me come back to you this day Lord and drink deeply from you. 

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