25 December 2011

Christmas - a time for shopping and eating only?

The days leading up to Christmas was spent in buying gifts and feasting for us. All the nieces and nephews got their gifts and not forgetting the uncles and aunties too. Gifts ranged from toys, bears, books for the younger ones and books for the older relatives. My in laws cooked the traditional Christmas meal, ham, turkey, beef, lamb and all. We had an additional Todai buffet at MBS too, one of the best spreads so far for S$42 each.
Todai Table mat featuring their restaurant layout

While my wife took up the job of buying for their gifts, I ended up sulking most of the time as I find it burdensome to pay for the gifts from credit and not from what we have. Though there was a 1.75 month bonus, all these was not sufficient for my existing financial commitments and hence the extra financial strain and absence of the joy of giving.

The joy of giving?  - I guessed it applied more for the companies and the children who look forward to receive presents. Still we crossed swords over the purchase of the gifts and I must say that it didn't reflect too well for me. The weight of the financial burden overcame the delight in seeing my relatives receiving with joy in their presents.

As I reflect, I think that I need to share the joy more with others and worry less about the financial burdens.  I also should stress that we need to be less materialistic and have a greater care for the less fortunate in such times. How can I share the message? I tried with my spouse but to no effect. Perhaps its time to share with all verbally.

In all these, Christ was missed - sadly. We did not attend any service on the eve nor the actual day. While many observed the most important day, we behaved more like non believers. Forgive us Lord. 

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