5 December 2011

Buying School Textbooks

It was that time of the year again - time to buy school text books and uniforms for my children.

They have been asking me to buy their textbooks but I have been putting it aside till later to ease my financial pains. The bill for one comes up to almost $200, not including time to change a few sets of school uniforms, shoes, socks, and even school bag!

Why am I so reluctant and tend to procrastinate? Wished I had more emotional buffer to absorb these blows that hit me at year end. Not to mention that the insurances are also due soon. No wonder December is a time for bonuses, so that you have some money left over to pay your bills :-)

Well, what needs to be paid has to be paid. Whether you smile to pay or pull a long face and irritate the whole family in the process of paying, it still needs to be paid.

So can I for once pay with a smile, and trust God that it will all still be ok?

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