2 June 2011

Seating and Observing

I was seated at the door of my school canteen waiting for the buses to arrive this morning. The sights of students arriving is a fresh change of environment for me as I will usually be in class waiting for them to turn up.

Many arrived on foot. Some arrived in taxis. Others arrive driven by their parents in all kinds of cars, from the expensive sedans to the simple vans. There was a student who came in a white Ferrari - now who says our students come from poor families? Though they arrived in different transport forms, one thing is common - they are late and they faces say, "So what?" Sad state of affairs here.

One scene touched my heart. A Malay boy alighted from the motorbike and bid his dad goodbye by kissing him on the cheeks - both left and right. It was a touching scene of deep family bonding and love. What a refreshing change of scene in my school context where the majority of the students are at the other end of the spectrum.

This scene reminded me of the Father's love for His son. He drove. He spoke kindly. And He kissed him good day.

Thank God for His lovingkindness for us.

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