6 April 2011

Seeking the Will of God

One of the pastors gave a simple acronym to use to discover the Will of God in our life.

W for the Word of God.
I for Inner peace that comes, a restedness and not inner uncertainty.
S for Signs & Wonders - where God supernaturally intervened to tell you that this is the direction.
E for Eldership. What does the elders around you say about this matter.

Each of them, taken in itself, may be corrupted by our own selfish desires. So its best to align all four of these and when they all fall in line, we can be rested that this is God's will for us.

Using the above, I am quite rested that staying on in my current situation is the way to go.

I am recording this WISE acronym here, because after a while I forget. Hence best to write down good stuff and get the Web to freely save it for you - unless the dreaded virus strikes ;-)

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