14 March 2011

Where is God in Japan's Tsunami?

For the last few days, we were bombarded by news and videos of the monster tsunami that hit Japan. Shock and jaw dropping horror emotions were roused as we watched the destructive power of the tsunami sweeping everything in its path.

Comments made by the viewers to the uploaded video were mixed. Some good-intentioned Christians called blatantly for all to repent and turn to God. This naturally led to some retaliation by unbelievers who mocked them and replied with sacarsm. Many left a cry to pray for the poor affected people in Japan. Many wondered where was God and how God can have allowed this to happen.

I see it as a time to remind all Christians that God is still in control. Circumstances may suggest havoc and meaningless loss of lives, but we need to trust in the revealed Word of God that He is in Sovereign control and will work things out for the greater good where people will come to know Him as the Lord. Right now we may not see or understand, but when things calm down, we will be able to see better in hindsight. For now, while we cannot see/understand, we need to hold onto the Word of God and trust His heart.

This was elaborated in yesterday's sermon in church in Eygpt's case. Some time ago, there was a bombing in the church in Cairo and lives were lost and many asked why this happened to Christians. But through this bombing, it led to the churches in Cairo coming together to pray, a hitherto impossible event because of differences. Things happened after that. Many took to the streets to protest against the ruling party of Eygpt, another unthinkable event, which finally led to the overthrow of Mubarak's rule. The good thing about the 'uprising' is that the church held its church service on the streets, taking opportunity of the many who were around, and many got to hear the gospel for the first time. We need to remember that His ways are higher than us and we need to trust Him to work out His plans.

Now, it is a time for prayer. Pray for the affected churches to arise and shine forth in a time of searching and loss. There is a EFCJ church right in Sendai that was untouched by the tsunami. Pray that Christians in Japan, numbering only about 1%, will share boldly about their faith and bring many into the Kingdom.


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