2 March 2011

Ryan Giggs - Lessons for me

I have always been a MUFC fan since my school days, i.e. some decades ago. Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes, along with Park Ji Sung were my favourites in MUFC. The first 2 for their skills and humility, while Park, for helping to raise the pride of Asians in a competitive league in Europe.

In the Daily Mail article, i read an article on Giggs entitled, "What makes the compelling and evergreen figure of Giggs want to keep running?" I too was impressed that Giggs can play at such a high level for 20 years. Certainly not many can do it. As recounted therein, you need a very strong drive to succeed and ability to keep your body in shape.

What does this hold for me and us? I'm reminded like what Steve Jobs in his famous commencment speech stressed that we need to have that hunger. Without this keen clear goal and drive to continually go for it, we will be lost and sidelined and end up chasing trivial pursuits unworthy of the King.

Interestingly, those who are well off can easily lose their hunger and competitive edge. So keep in a state of hunger and hunger on. Have good friends around you to remind of your goals will be helpful too.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Giggs have since fallen from grace with his recent publicised affairs.

Poignant reminder - we are but men with feet of clay. And how much more if we are without God.

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