2 March 2011

Of dogs and God. And a distracted father.

The story of the Syrophoenician woman touched me afresh in Mk 7:24-30. While my pastor friends can easily pull off a 3 point sermon outline here: She came and fell at His feet - God hears us; We can answer back to Him - God understands us; We can go back in faith - God answers, what is more important to me is that the passage spoke directly to me.

Why would she wanted to keep trying? She heard about Jesus entry to their town. She immediately came. She fell at His feet. She went against all religious and cultural barriers. She fought for her say. She answered back to Jesus! She was not distracted by the dog comment and continued to seek God.

I too have a little daughter, who have since grown up a little. Do i come to God with the same intensity for her? Is it because I do not know that God can heal, save and help? Is it because I am distracted by my many other things to spend time praying for them?

This day I prayed again for my two daughters that I repent and wanted to be a more loving father. Forgive me Lord for being so caught up in my own little world of work and studies.


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