16 March 2011

Nuclear leak fears. Markets crashes. More aftershocks.

These are indeed difficult times for us in Asia and especially the Japanese. Everyday, in fact every other hour, we are bombarded with more news of fire in the reactors and radiation leak fears from the news agencies and websites. Fear is everywhere, evident in the SMSes that were sent and floated around - I received one such SMS yesterday about the threat of radioactive plume floating towards Philippines.

In times like these we need faith. There are generally 2 kinds of faith. Charging-on faith and Hanging-on faith.

The first kind, talks about faith to charge ahead, to attempt new things for God. The best example is that of Jonathan and his armour bearer charging into the band of Philistines with only a sword between them, knowing that God is with them.

The second kind of faith is hanging-on faith. This requires us to hang on to the promises of God and trust that they will come to pass even when we don't know how it will ever be possible. A good example is that of Abram at old age where God re-name Him as Abraham and promised him to be a father of nations - when he was still childless.

For Christians living in these troubled days, I encourage us all to hang on in faith. Trust Him that He is good, and He will care for His people. Walk with Him eventhough you do not know why things are happening as they are. For we do not walk by sight but by faith (2 Cor.5:7).

Pray that God will grant us fresh eyes of faith to see and hearts of flesh to care for the hurting around us.


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