2 March 2011

Nothing to Prove. Nothing to Hide. Nothing to Lose.

A personal testimony drafted on 21/3/08

Nothing to Prove.
• Middle child - worked very hard to prove to parents.
• St John Ambulance Corps (CCA), comparison by others affected me.
• Felt very insecure in my growing up years
• When I Prayed to Receive Christ in Pri 3 (9 years old), through my sister, I learnt of Jesus' unconditional acceptance and I learn to feel more secured, no need to strive to prove anything. It is done.
• Jer.31:3, "I have loved you with an everlasting love…" spoke deeply to me.

Nothing to Hide.
• I'm a private person, I don't share, have little friends, and am task oriented.  In my growing up years, many hrs were spent at the video shop watching what is played by the store owners. Felt very withdrawn most of the time.
• In church & BB ministry,I learnt to slowly open up. DISC - S personality.
• Through serving, I became more transparent, more open, more confident.
• God comforts us to comfort others - many hurting people in the world. "Freedom Writers" movie - many have a story to write, but no one listened to them.
• After knowing Jesus, He gave confidence and help me discover myself and to help comfort others.

Nothing to Lose.
• When I was young, I fear death - what will happen to me after death? I felt very lost and fearful.
• After knowing Christ, I know I have eternal life. I am certain of it that if I should die, I will meet my Saviour this very day.
• Jn 3.16 promises eternal life for all who believes. He invites you to that eternal life today.

This world has many people who worked very hard to prove themselves, I don't need to, because Christ has already accepted me. This world has many people who hides things for fear of what others may say/do if they know the truth about them - I don't need to because I know He loves me fully. This world has many who cling onto their degrees, their wealth, their positions - I don't need to, because these all not that important to me. I have found Him who matters more than these - the LORD Jesus.

Praise God.


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