2 March 2011

Lessons from a 46 year old uneducated cleaner

My favourite Sunday Times column is written by Dr Lee Wei Ling. She writes about her life stories in a very personal and human way. And, yes, she is the daughter of LKY.

One story that stayed with me all these while was, the story on Moiri, a 46 year old divorcee, with 2 children to raise up, working in Singapore (Sunday Times, 31 May 2009). She has a very cheerful personality despite the fact that life dealt her a bad hand of cards. The author, in reflection, quotes from Epictetus, a Greek philosopher living in the 1st century:

I must die. But must i die groaning?
I must be imprisoned. But must I whine as well?
I must suffer exile. Can anyone hinder me from going with a smile and a good courage and at peace?
(sigh, how often I groaned, whined and caved in ... my thots)

She goes on to write..It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Moiri is one who does not have former education, but she knows how to live her life. She is much happier than many who are richer and more educated.

I felt this article spoke to me about my life's position. Stop complaining and becoming a bitter person. Learn to give thanks and move on. Especially when we have Jesus with us.


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