1 March 2011

Legacy of Raja Segran

I do not know much about Raja, my ex-colleague,only some fleeting moments where we crossed paths and once when we happened to seat down in the same table for a drink, with others. But last Sunday's sermon concluding remarks by the speaker on him left a deep mark for me.

The speaker was sharing about Raja's memorial service where Raja's ex-boss talked about his unwillingness to compromise with ethics. The SIA boss suggested to Raja if he is only willing to bend a little, with his education and intellect, he would have gone much further in SIA rather than just some GM based in overseas station.

Raja did not bend the rules and he stayed at his station, faithful to the call of God, as he knows that he need to answer to a higher authority than human bosses. Raja paid a price for it by foregoing promotions. But what he forego, God notices and uses his example to edify many others. To cap it all, at Raja's memorial, this non-Christian boss gave a fine testimony of his honesty, to the glory of God.

I am tempted to bend the rules many times in my workplace. Unfortunately, I don't think I have such a fine testimony as Raja. Lord forgive me and grant me strength again to stand strong for you in the marketplace.


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