2 March 2011

Heard an old Audio Sermon today by Ps Ed.

Following God - the FGO way. Text: Mt 4:18-22. Its good 'cutting-deep-into-you' preaching! His sermon certainly stands out from the rest of the typical western sermons in that webpage.Gained new understanding into 'left nets immediately and followed Him'.

Sermon Outline:
1) Follow God Fully
2) Follow God Gladly

- they left their nets immediately, not so much in terms of just speed, but they left they nets gladly, because it is such a joy to be with Jesus.
- call to a joyous abandoment as we follow Jesus.

3) Follow God Only
- call to abiding, because without God we can do nothing.
- Follow Me - "Me" here is an emphatic pronoun, i.e. me and me only. Not Jesus or, Not Jesus and something else.

Abiding: is knowing the truth and applying the truth. The Word is not just a book of messages, but a place of meeting, where we encounter God and our lives are changed.

When we obey, God will use us and teach us new truths - the call to dance, and then the woman in yellow story. "God knows that your husband has just left you but I will be a husband for you and take care of you".

Divine appointment happens when we obey God. Do i have a divine-appointment testimony to share? is it because I do not follow Jesus fully, gladly and only?

Audio sermons are powerful, because they are God's Word and its real for all time. It speaks to us even years later when we re-listen to it again. Yesterday afternoon, eventhough I heard the illustrations before, it still speak to me and bring a reassurance that He will care for me.

You can listen msg from Perimeter Church.


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