2 March 2011

Feeling Compassion. Feeling Complacent. Feeling Inadequate

Familiar story. Jesus feeding the 4000 in Mark 8. But from this familiar story, God touched me in a deep way this morning.

Words of Jesus, "I feel compassion for the people because they have remained with Me now 3 days and have nothing to eat... they will faint."

Jesus is compassionate. We all know that. He notices. He knows our needs and how frail we are. He knows too how long we have been with Him. He knows that those who are with Him needs food(simple and yet important human touch). He is, in our terms, people-centred.

Many questions came into mind for me as I read the passage.

Do i know who are my sheep? my co-workers? my staff under me?

Do i know how long they have been with me? How hard it is for them to remain with me?

Do i know if they had something to eat? if their basic needs are met?

Do i know if they may faint on the way?

Do i care if they faint? or have i became too task oriented to know?

Do i know that some of them have come from a long distance?

Do i only judge them and think that they serve for a purpose?

Do i just look around and pretend to help them and use circumstances to justify myself, when their needs are not met?

Do i look at my sheep as "these people", instead of Jesus' "the people"?

Can i not look on them with eyes of compassion and feel compassion for them?

I am sure we all as good christians feel compassion for our people/others. The problem is that after a while, fatigue and frustrations crowd in and we lose sight of our main purpose for the people. Instead of feeling compassion, we feel complacent, and take people for granted, or to fulfill our tasks.

I too, am most guilty of that. For me, God's people have became "these" people who take up my precious time. Why do I feel that way?

Perhaps the deep seated inadequacies are still there. I am still striving to impress and prove to some people.

While its easy for me to judge my leaders, I should ask myself how often have i cared for my sheep? Lord i repent and am willing to take out my 7 loaves to share and care. Help me to overcome whatever holds me down, inadequacies and such, to be able to truly care and not be complacent about your people.


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