2 March 2011

Ephphatha! Be opened!

Many questions touched me this morning as I read Mk7:31-37 on the deaf and mute man brought to Jesus for healing. Questions that are asked in an attitude of learning, not public inquisition.

Why did they bring him to Jesus? Was he a pitiful man? a kind man?

Who am I bringing to Jesus? How long did I last bring anyone to Jesus?

Who will bring me to Jesus?

Why did Jesus let out a deep sigh to this man?

Was Jesus happy when He healed this man?

Are my ears closed and tongue impeded too? What are they open to?

When Jesus looked at me, will He let out a deep sigh too?

If Jesus let out that deep sigh at me, how would I feel? what would I do?

Why were the people utterly astonished?

I like questions. Especially difficult questions that cut deep into us. Not to cut and destroy, but to cut and reveal. And in time to come, help us to turn around.

The most painful question for me this morning: When Jesus looked at me, will He let out a deep sigh too? Maybe not at my physical condition, but spiritual.

Ephphatha! Be opened!

Let me who have the mouth and ears, use them for the glory of God.


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