1 March 2011

4 causes of weak inner lives:

1) Primal wounds of the HEART – inner woundedness

2) Cynicism of the MIND – critical & judgmental attitudes

3) Overcrowding of the SOUL – busyness and fatigue

4) Paralysis of the WILL – deep seated unwillingness

The above are taken from CEFC church in Singapore. Its crisp and powerful reminder of the things that will rob us from intimacy with God. If we harbour any of the above, we won't be able to love God.

Personally, I saw the potency of each of these working out its venom in my life and robbing me of a vibrant walk with God and sapping out the vitality in my life. To come back to God, we need to confess our sins and replace them with good habits.

It is as simple and as possible as being changed today. Yet it is also as difficult and will and can stall us for years to come, because it can be a stronghold in our lives.

Nonetheless, with God all things are possible. Today.


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