2 March 2011

3 S of Leadership

There are 3 "S"s of Leadership, namely stature, status and substance.
Leadership Stature: (How he carries himself)
· leader’s credibility (how others view him: wow he’s a gifted speaker! ),
· leader’s confidence (how he view himself: wow I’m good!)

Many may see a leader as impressive and gifted, but these are not the sum of a leader.

Leadership Status: (How others see him)
· The leader’s title: e.g. Dr, Rev, ..
· The leader’s office: e.g. Senior Pastor, Chairman of X Committee
· The leader’s credentials: e.g. books written, ministries served in…
The world is impressed by the Leader’s status and stature. But not God, who looks at the heart. We ourselves, if not careful, can walk with false sense of superiority.

Leadership Substance: (How God sees him)
· Authenticity in the leader’s worship
· Broken-ness in the leader’s walk (true humility, understands God’s grace in his life)
· Courage in the leader’s work (stems from faith in God, not driven-ness, restedness)
· There is Depth. Outwardly, not very impressive, but deep below, like an ice-berg. Worldly leaders can be big & impressive on the outside, but weak inside.
  • You can be un-concerned about status & stature when your substance is more than status & stature.
  • The more authentic the leader is, the more broken he is.
  • Key to growing substance is growing in Spiritual Formation.
  • Key in Spiritual formation is being like Christ in the manner of character building.



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