30 December 2008

Today is the 2nd last day of 2008

How am I feeling? More regretful and hoping that it will not go away soon-kind of feeling. I guessed with age catching up, I don't want time to go away too quickly.

Have I made the most of this year 2008? I don't think so. I have wasted much time in wallowing in self-pity and lazing around. It's time to be gearing up for myself in learning, in being more helpful in the KOG, in being a better father to the girls and to wife.

I am quite hopeful & happy for 2009 though. With the reno loan done, we should be getting more disposable cash, and hopefully a promo in July. My new dip course should be on the way, and my health goal is for the half marathon in year end.

LORD, need your help and enabling once again.

Blogging fatigue

It has been weeks since I last blogged. I guessed I'm getting tired of blogging something for the don't know who out there. The more preferred approach would be for me to use it as an electronic diary to record what happened - warts and all, for myself and posterity to read if they want.

So here we go, towards another year of healthy blogging!

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