24 November 2008

Outing with my niece & nephew

It almost did not materialize, but I was glad to have listened to my wife and SMS my brother to say that we can fetch their kids. It was supposed to be a mini gathering, but my brother had a wedding dinner and were not able to make it. Their kids were free though and I didn't think further into driving by and fetching them until prompted by my wife (sigh, men never think hard enough ..) I rounded up my parents and asked them to take bus and meet us there at Anchorpoint, Xin Wang Cafe for dinner. They were glad to come.

It was a great time for the kids! Their 2 kids, now in Sec 1&2 with mine in primary 5&2 can, thankfully, still play together. For them, they are great in inventing games on their own in the car journey. They played push and squeeze on the turns, and boy, was the volume loud! After alighting you can see some bruises, but it was all in good clean fun.

My parents were all smiles. They cannot really communicate much with the rapidly growing teenager grandchildren, but in their hearts, they were just happy to be together. In the restaurant, one of them came up with a new game - passing on the funny action. One of them will start a funny action, and the rest will need to do the same and pass it on. It was fun to see my 2 young gals joining in enthusiastically while the teenager boy was a bit self-conscious and did not join in the more "sissy" actions. My parents don't know what's going on, but just join in to do the funny actions - and the kids roared in laughter seeing them participating.

Boys are like that in their early teens - quite conscious of themselves and searching for their identity. The other older girl took it quite well and scream and laughed heartily. As for my 2 girls, they are still very innocent and these things don't bother them.

It was great to have a family fun time like this. Thank you Lord.


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