14 November 2008

My Bday

I'm 40++ this year. Sigh, growing older but not really wiser yet. It is getting scary as I approach the Big 50. And I haven't accomplish anything yet, still at slightly higher than entry level.

Nothing eventful happened though. Same round of classes from 0830 till 1230. Lunch ate Masala Dosa, nothing special. Managed to settle the next term's timetable arrangement in the afternoon. There was plenty of buzz on campus, probably the STOMP Aids thingy. We went to Lot One for Saba fish dinner. Nothing special again. The gals wanted to eat ice-cream, but I said don't need, got to save money.

Many of them sent me SMS and one email. My sis was the 1st, followed by bro-in-law & sis-in-law and my brother at night. My elder daughter was the 1st to greet me - she's ever the more sensible one. Any presents? No. My sis-in-law did talked about getting me a HP, which I reject outright. Not comfortable in receiving gifts from them though.

Well, there goes my Bday - not a very eventful day.

Why the big expectations anyway? It's just another day.

I've learnt that when people remembers you birthday, it somehow enlightens and makes you happier than if nobody remembers. My action point - start jotting down their birthdays and greet them. It'll brighten their day.


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