9 November 2008

Daily Catching of Students

It is now 3 weeks left to end of Semester, the time where we determine how many will pass or fail. When the date draws closer, we teachers are more worried than the students. They seem to be oblivious and have not a single tinge of care as to whether they pass or fail. It seems that the whole burden of their passing is on me the teacher, and I have to catch them to make sure they pass.

Sigh, how times have changed.

My days are now spent in their labs, during my free time, and praying hard that they will come to school so that I can ask them to do their assignment. On my hitlist, there is 9 more to catch in 3 weeks. And when they do come and are 'caught', some of them will bargain with me and asked to do it at home. Others will whine and asked why there is so much work to be done? It has became my fault that they now have much to do!

Well, the students are customers now and they are the "kings & queens" to be served. We are the expendable and very free teachers who know where they are and can chase them to do so. The prevailing atmosphere here is, it is like that. Just do it. Teach. Find them and get them to do it. Or quit.

Quit at 40+ years old? I may not be able to find another job now in these depressing times. That is my human fear. But beyond that, I need to remind myself of my purpose here and to hang on, even in tough times with tough students.


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