8 November 2008

Computer Games

My 2 gals have been playing PC games daily. Non-stop. Alternating it with watching their favourite SCV channels 55 and 255 for daily entertainment and thrills in life. And it is driving me crazy.

In my adult mind, I know its not good for them. The game is addictive and their whole life just revolves Voodoominis, getting up to the next higher level, getting more cash in the Voodoominis world, and neglecting the things of greater value in the real life - like exercise, or general knowledge or spiritual values.

In this regard, I felt like a failure as a parent to guide them to what is good and stop them from going down the useless road of addictive games.

Most of the time, I let them be while I do my own web surfing or checking out the latest PC gadgets and tools. Now, I feel its time to limit their gaming and turn their attention to what really matters in life. Don't just let them be. Act on it - put a stop to it. They will just continue to happily play more and longer until someone say, "Stop!".

That's where I should come in.

Months ago. sigh.

What's so difficult about stopping them and guiding them?
1) I'm not around most of the time
2) wife doesn't do the limiting/guiding
3) I'm too tired after work to do it
4) I'm lazy and not persevering in this area sufficiently.
5) they have no better goals/objective in life to pursue
6) Its part of a greater spiritual warfare that we are all under

To pull out of this, it starts with the Spiritual part. Pray. Pray for guidance, for victory over these gaming temptations. Pray for solidarity at home to fight this battle.

Secondly, the personal part. I need to take leadership at home and own this problem. Set up some worthy goals for the gals.

Thirdly, organise the solution. Get it working. See it to the end. Set a meaningful goal to work towards. E.g. do an assigned homework, and then they can play for 1 hr.

Ok, get to it NOW.

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