2 November 2008

Changing CGs again

We are approaching the end of our IDT training and are asked to change CG/DGs. Sigh. Just when we have built up firm friendships with the newly included group, and now we are asked to re-group.

Sometimes I wonder whether the leaders know what they are doing? In the grander scheme of things, it may be a good thing to do. But what about our hard-formed relationships? How do we continue to foster them? Do we have the confidence to make new friends only to be dismantled a few years down the line?

The pastor preached that night that it was God's idea to move us into fruitfulness by multiplying. We will make new friends and share God's glory and grace with more new people. It makes sense for my mind but not for my heart.

Well, do I have alternatives?

One idea is to go with the flow and join a new CG. Another, is to form groups but outside the CG/DG structure. We will operate indefinitely for fellowship purposes, not necessarily following the duties of the church. But this may seem very rebellious for others to stomach.

Another possibility which I am toying with is to be just a CG member, but I do e-mentoring or face-face meet up with whoever is keen. In this way, our friendships will continue on a longer term independent of church's call for restructuring.

One way is to start with the Truthmedia.com work 1st and then extend it to my old mentorees.

Maybe that's what I will do..

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