7 November 2008

Bored students

I walked into the PC Lab and saw this today. Sigh. It is a typical reflection of our kids. Bored. Naughty. Looking for lame fun. Absolutely not a care of other classes.

Some student(s) has swung the screen string upwards right up to curl round the supporting peg. Without a ladder or long pole, it is almost impossible to uncurl it and to pull the screen down.

Get a ladder? The school estates dept will probably take a few weeks to sort out the approvals and I will end up with more frustrations over the senseless red-tape.

The best solution? Leave with the problem or get one of the students to climb up and uncurl it.

What did I do? I left it as it is, as shown in the picture. Did the students make any noise? no, nobody asked. The string will probably be in the same position for a few weeks - let's see how long it will be ;-)

Isn't it a nice analogy of our times in this school? Student vandals, school red-tapes, teachers gave up and make do. And we still get by with the kids passed and move on.

Yes, we will survive somehow.


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