23 November 2008

Anger and Sexual Sins

That was today's sermon main focus - anger and sexual sins. The speaker was saying that for most of us Christians in Singapore, these are the key issues, from the text, that we are facing in modern day society. I thought it was apt and can relate to it instantly.

Anger's source, he pointed out stems from our own root issues and expectations that were not dealt with. if we are angry with our child's lack of interest in doing their homework, it can be traced back to we not wanting to lose face when summoned by the class teacher to explain for our child's work.

Sexual sins are prevalent in society today. He quoted many statistics to bear out the truth. What is needed for us is godly repentance - i.e. to acknowledge that we have sinned, to have the godly remorse for it, and to turned away from sin into the right paths. For me, I think that these are good but we need one further step - community help from our brothers in the journey. We need one another to help keep watch over us. If not, we will fall back very easily.

Lord, deal with me thoroughly in these 2 areas. Let my life be holy and pleasing unto you so that you can use me to touch others and make my life count.


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