30 October 2008

Beaten Up

This morning I was beaten by 2 Malay boys as I was walking to the bus stop at about 6.10am It started when I saw them approaching me. The guy in red sports jacket ran directly at me and bumped hard into my left shoulder. The other guy, baseball hat, white shirt started hitting my head and saying, "Why you hit my friend?" in English. I was stunned as his smacks were directed at my head and my specs were becoming distorted. I tried to defend myself and in the end shouted at him to "Stop it!". Another man appeared and they must have got frightened and ran off.

I think it was a prank and nothing threatening or serious. I considered to report to police but in the end dismissed the idea as I cannot really remember how they looked like.

Well, if it happened again, I'm ready for them and will definitely fight back. I am not going to stand and be beaten again. I am angry that I am the innocent party being beaten for no reason other than it was fun for them and cheap thrills.

Is it alright to retaliate in such a situation? I should at least defend myself and do the right thing - move away, run. I'm not really sure. Well, for now at least, I'm very alert when I walk past that same spot. And thank God, it has been safe thus far.

15 October 2008

Touching note from younger daughter

Today, my little girl surprised me with this note, in her scrawny handwriting:

"Daddy I know that is has been a hard year you have to pay bills pay mummy money and have to give us money me $5 sister $12, signed, :-( is ok"

I was touched. At her tender age of 8, she knew what was going on. Although I always see her as a "noisy girl" but this little note shows that she does has a heart.

Maybe its a sign for me to whine lesser to the family and trust God more.

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