20 August 2008


An email from HQ came today and it listed all those staff who are promoted this year. My name was not in that list. And I was disappointed. I was surprised by those who were promoted in my department. Some of them were not your hardworking deserving types (maybe I’m biased, but I’ve checked with my other colleagues and we concurred). Naturally I feel disappointed and unjustly treated. In a way, I thought I had a decent chance to be in that list, but others were promoted instead. Thoughts like “no need to work so hard now” and “it’s all fixed” flowed past my mind.

I realized that even though I do not say it, but promotions meant quite a bit to me. I was hankering after them, after that honour, that recognition. Verbal approval was not enough. I needed to be recognized by the Institution officially. For a while I was down emotionally.

Slowly when I was calmer, I remember what we learnt in church. Red-Blue Bar; Obscurity, and being that big fish in a small pond, instead of a small fish in the ocean. Don’t chase after things that do not satisfy – like earthly fame.

At the end of the day, I need to re-align with what will last for eternity. Never mind the temporal things. Press on.

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