20 August 2008


An email from HQ came today and it listed all those staff who are promoted this year. My name was not in that list. And I was disappointed. I was surprised by those who were promoted in my department. Some of them were not your hardworking deserving types (maybe I’m biased, but I’ve checked with my other colleagues and we concurred). Naturally I feel disappointed and unjustly treated. In a way, I thought I had a decent chance to be in that list, but others were promoted instead. Thoughts like “no need to work so hard now” and “it’s all fixed” flowed past my mind.

I realized that even though I do not say it, but promotions meant quite a bit to me. I was hankering after them, after that honour, that recognition. Verbal approval was not enough. I needed to be recognized by the Institution officially. For a while I was down emotionally.

Slowly when I was calmer, I remember what we learnt in church. Red-Blue Bar; Obscurity, and being that big fish in a small pond, instead of a small fish in the ocean. Don’t chase after things that do not satisfy – like earthly fame.

At the end of the day, I need to re-align with what will last for eternity. Never mind the temporal things. Press on.

6 August 2008

Our 2nd Church Building is up!

Last Weekend we celebrated the 1st Sunday of our 2nd church building. To me, it was a lesson in faith. God is faithful and He can be trusted to bring to pass what He said years ago. Its really a wonderful journey to see God's leading, a 2nd time again, after the BPJ site. His words are fulfilled, "and it came to pass..." with or without those who through lack of faith did not participate.

I've yet to walk into the new building, but I know I"ll be touched when I walked into the faith building. Who cannot be touched I wonder?

Are we ready for a 3rd building I wonder?

My 1st Aid training

After 3 days of intensive training, I am now a qualified 1st Aider, trained in CPR, PAM, bandages, etc with 29/30 for theory test. If I see an accident on the street, would I rush over to help? Qualified yes, ready - perhaps not yet. I don't have the tools. I don't have the confidence. Maybe, the last and most important - I don't have the heart - unless, its my dying family members. But who knows, when disaster strikes, the unseen & unknown me may just rise up and surprised everyone.

Busy Singaporeans

Today I went earlier for my 1st Aid course, and since I was early, I sat down at Jurong East Station. The hordes of busy people swarmed past me endlessly - even ruthlessly. There was a NUS student there selling flags, but nobody stopped to buy from him. A few did. But very few. One lady put in a $2 note. It reminded me of Jesus who had the leisure time to watch people put in their donations. I did not see any widow's mite, but I saw few generous Singaporeans. Perhaps we are suffering from charity overdose & bad publicity - think Ren Ci & NKF sagas. Personally I wouldn't have donated. But today I saw the poor boy and when asked, dropped in 60 cts. I had the time, though not much money.

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