15 June 2008

YEP Training

Recently I signed up for YEP training. This training prepares us to lead students to the nearby region as part of their service learning. It consists of 2 days of indoor training and 3 days of experiential learning in Batam. The strange thing is that even the very experience leaders are joining us for this training - such a bore for them.

Anyway, for me it was an eye-opener. Previously I had been to and led some mission trips to many countries. I count myself experienced. However, after listening to some of their "horror stories" with students and authorities, I count myself very blessed to be sheltered all these while. Thank God, so much things could have happened but didn't. I became more wary and learnt to be more careful in future.

Things like 1st aid training, working only with recognised local partners, and proper facilitation training are just some of the things that we did not do previously and am not aware of until now.

Are we then being too careful? I feel that now that I'm aware, its better to err on the side of caution, especially with my school teams.

Thanks God for the exposures like these!

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