17 May 2008

Walking the doggies

My 2 doggies have grown a lot. The Jack Russell is 1 year 7 mth and the Schnauzer is 6mths old now. They bring us much joy and trouble too ;-)

The JR always get bullied by S at home. Once outside, JR becomes the bully, to strangers. He will pounce on them and bark very ferociously, frightening even the biggest of men. He is still very energetic in his walks and pulls me in his walks. S is a bit timid outside though very naughty at home. At home, if they are both freed, S will chase after the older JR and often barks at JR for no particular reason. Outside, S is quite reluctant to walk at certain places and needs to be dragged or carried.

So far, I'm always the one walking them. I do it once a week and one at a time, JR 1st then S. My colleagues laugh at me, but frankly its tough bringing the 2 of them at the same time, unless my ladies at home wants to help (like when it's not too hot).

They are growing well and continue to bring joy to us. S is always the hungry fellow. Every morning when I wake up at 5 plus to go work, he will jump up on his cage and bark for food. At first, I tried to ignore him, but it did not work and his barks were too ear piercing at the wee hours of morning. He only takes about 10 seconds to finish his food. JR, on the other hand continues his sleep and will only eat later in the morning.

S will always pee and poo in his cage. JR wants to keep his cage clean so that he can sleep in it and thus always does his business outside his cage on the newspapers. Sadly, until now they are not toilet trained or doggie trained and we have to clean them up 4-5 times a day. Their "home" which is our balcony, is getting more and more run down with each day.

Yet despite all these, a dog is a man's best friend. I have great joy when I bring them out and see them responding to me. When they are on the bench with me, it is a great stress reliever, to stroke their fur and talk to them. And by the way they looked at you adoringly, it is the best feeling in the world!


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