17 May 2008

Things are falling into its place nicely

Some time ago, I was very down and asked what am I doing here in this school. I felt lost and cheated by my previous employers. I felt like I am wasting my life again in this place.

Today, there seemed to be a little light bulb switched on and I began to see some light. I am tasked to do mentoring to the newbies, and it fitted me to a T. I like to orientate the newcomers and make them feel welcome. Hey I have been doing this for the mega-Ch before and what is doing it for a small department 29 staff strong? I felt energised when I am affirmed and when I know my stuff.

In the department, I felt like I'm the un-official No.4 man, below the Big boss and the 2 deputies. Between me and the EA, I think we solved 80% of all the problems in the department and eased the headaches of the top 3 fellows. Here again I felt recognised and affirmed by my colleagues. In fact, most of all my colleagues that I spoke to asked if they approached me for the new position since 1 of the deputies is being transferred out. Unfortunately, they are taking in someone from outside. But it sure feels good to be acknowledged.

Spiritually, my tie-ups with this Nav guy and my former East Zone member to bring in Christianity to the school is getting exciting. Pray that this will take root and expand into many more lives being ushered into His kingdom. For once, I'm able to fulfil the call of evangelism in a fresh new way. Lord, do continue to bring me more contacts and use me as a channel for souls here.

It was also exciting to discuss matters of faith in a bold and yet unthreatening way. That day, 3 of us sat down for lunch. A RC, Muslim and me a Christian. We were asking the Muslim colleague why she converted to Muslim. It was open and yet down in a friendly and fun way. Praise God! May more of these opportunities arise. Now I felt bolder and intend to meet my 2 exiting colleagues and share with them before their last day at work. In fact, one of them always remind me of my CG activities and whether I have shared with the CG on things that we discussed.

It is indeed a good turn of events, from despair to delight and purpose. Thank God. Sometimes its strange how for very long nothing seems to move and we can be easily despaired. But the kairos time of God is very important, once its here, things will move. Also, I felt strongly it could be due to the 2 years of 24/365 prayers for the nation of Singapore that things are moving.

Praise God!


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