10 May 2008

Sickness in the Family

After more than 1 week of flu, fever and cough, and raking up more than S$150 in medical bills, my older daughter have finally recovered. But our joy is short-lived as my younger daughter and wife fell ill, same sickness, yesterday. So here we go, all over again. Taking medicine, meeting all their every whim and fancy for water, sweets, chrysanthemum, cold water to sponge, sleeping in their beds, etc.etc..

The doctor commented in jest, "Wow, the daddy is the last man standing!" Yup, only a matter of time now before I too join in the queue to pay our medical bills to her clinic...

Could we have prevented all these? Maybe some exercises will have helped. Maybe more vitamin C popping too. These are the things that my gals at home never do. For me, I better drink more water and pop the Vit C more regularly.

We can cure physically sickness and they are usually more visible. What about spiritual sickness I wonder? Do we know if we are spiritually sick? Are there any signs and symptoms? Can we swiftly recover from them?

Last night at DG, 5 out of 8 of us were there. Is absence a spiritual sign & symptom? Is an absence of things to share, dry spiritual walk, not zest to do the daily journal, not evangelising, no fruits, all signs too?

Who is the spiritual doctor for us ? Is it the pastor, who is not often within reach? Or is it our 1st level defence - the DGL?

Even when we can spot it, and saw the doctor for it, is there an effective medicine to take to recover from our spiritual sickness? Sometimes in spiritual sickness, the 'patient' himself may know that he is not well, but yet do not want to recover, preferring to wallow in his sickness.

Just some ramblings from a soon to be sick person... ;-)


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