17 May 2008

Parenting woes

It seems like I will get into a quarrel with my gals everyday. Today the 1st fight was over waking my younger gal up to go for her Wushu class. I tried the nice approach, "Please get up girl, it's already 7:30am" She screamed back some unpleasant words and that got me mad. It was all hot and angry words thereafter. Since I was not so successful, I drag my wife in and get her to help. We ended up with all three of us being angry and frustrated and wanting to stop going for the class.

Is that the right thing to do? Can we have more peace and level-headedness in this home? I prayed that we can and may peace prevail.

Shortly after, the battlefield change then towards my older daughter. I asked her to hurry up as we were running late. She got angry and shouted. I was furious and slammed the door leaving her at home alone, since she exclaimed defiantly that she can stay at home.

Another parenting disaster. Later she called and spoke to my wife and expressed that she wanted to go for lunch too. Of course, we agreed.

We are an explosive family. All four of us has very short fuses and will blow up at the least of agitation. Sigh, in this respect, we are not very Christian and can do with much help. I am also not a forgiving and loving father and husband. I know all the theories but when it comes to practice, my self-will and interests takes over. And unfortunately, the girls picked that up from me too, like "pour your own drink!" or "go and answer the phone please!!" So strange that I don't faced these problems at work - in fact, I'm the exact opposite at work.

Lord please intervene and help us overcome these weaknesses.


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