18 May 2008

Our little JB Outing

Today we did an unusual thing. In the midst of driving to do our normal Sunday grocery, I suddenly suggest, "Let's go to JB!" Suddenly the girls screamed in delight and we were all excited. We had a quick breakfast, shop for groceries, a haircut for myself and zipped home to put the things and feed the dogs.

By 1130 am we headed for the causeway and managed to reach Aeon Tebrau City by 1415hrs. There was a long jam at the Singapore side which took us about an hour to clear (had to do finger print scanning - no need white cards now). At JB side, just pay RM2.90 for the toll.

We ate at the Western Hot stones restaurant, a first for all of us. The meal cost RM100 which was cheap by our standards. After that we walked around the 3 level plaza. Each of us went back with something, except Jil. We agreed that in future, we would come every month, after my payday ;-)

It's a good break to head North for this shopping and eating trip to break the monotony once in a while. However, it's a bit heavy on the pockets as they are expect to have money to spend and shop while I do not have any extra budget for it. Nonetheless, its good family bonding time.

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