11 May 2008

Mother's Day Sermon reflections

The Speaker today, a mother, spoke from Ps 100, entitling her sermon as, "The Secret to Joy". Her 2 points are: Know that God is GOD and Know that God is GOOD. While I may tend to switch off at these kind of narrow-focus topics, today's sermon did speak to me some important reminders and lessons.

Know that God is GOD. Do I know that the LORD Himself is God? Sure I know it intellectually, but when the crunch comes, and tugs at my emotions or wallet, do I still know that He is God? If I do know that He is God, why do I still worry then? I'm reminded that God is my shepherd and I'm His sheep. He will take care of me. 24-365. I need to learn to release my cares and worries unto Him. A very hard lesson for me.

One application that I drew for myself today is to re-start my QT in office. For a while I have stopped doing that, only Bible reading, which I'm doing quite decently. It's time to re-start it doing my own model, rather than the IDT DJ format which I find restrictive. It may be good testimony and interest-stirrer to read my Bible in the office. People may be stirred to ask what am I doing. In the past, I will be terrified at that. Now I'm more at ease with it, and can even put up little posters to draw others attention to spiritual things. Hopefully now others won't think that I'm a 2 face hypocrite in the office. I must walk the talk.

She mentioned about how difficult it was for housewives to keep up with their devotional lives. For her, she prays in the kitchen, talking to her stoves and pans. To her, even kitchen stoves can be turned into a burning bush (sounds like Brother Lawrence's example to me). I think its great. It is finding God in the ordinary things of life. Not something that all of us know how to do.

Another point that struck me was the building up of the spiritual lives of our kids. She shared about how the 2 of them take pains to read Scriptures to their kids and how their kids grew up to honour the Word. Here, I felt most guilty. How often have I spoke up for, and showed a positive example to my gals for the Word of God?

Right now that I am writing these, my older gal is beside me playing her Voodoomins, a computer game, with her sister beside her. I am often at a lost how to turn the hours of playing computer games into something more spiritual.

While the sermon touches the heart, often that is not enough to turn words into action. The speaker can only sow the seeds. The action part needs to come from the listener. Also, another part is very important. The listener needs moral courage to act upon it, and to continue at it. If not, all good things come to an abrupt end. Oh, for good CG/DG members/friends to come alongside and poke me forward.

I was reminded not to give up in this important task to bring up my gals in the fear of the Lord. How? I got no answers now, Only prayer. Whilst that group of mother gather to pray for their teenage kids during the Saturday Youth meeting time, maybe my 1st step is to start and pray for them and for me.


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