11 May 2008

Football's pull

I have been a football fan and player since the early 70s. While I was never good enough for the school or state team, I can still play at a decent level in my hay days. My favourite role was either a full back or right back.

The team that I supported for a long time is Manchester United, since the 80s, i guessed as it was simply way far back to remember. My favourite player now is Park Ji Sung, the Korean winger. He stands for me an icon, that if you work very hard, you can succeed at the highest levels.

My team is in the final game against Wigan. The EPL crown hinges on tonight's game. Soon thereafter, they will battle away with Chelsea for the Champions League Title, which they have last won in 1999 (I watched that game!) For me, tonight's game is a Must-watch match. In fact, I'm tensed up now, 9.5 hrs away from the game, wondering who'll win, who'll score, and whether Wigan will deny them the crown. Football has indeed a strange strong pull on me. It can caused tensions and frustrations that other things can't do. It can wake me up at 2.30 in the wee hours of the morning to watch it though I have a full teaching day the next morning. Powerful!

Then again, my wife thinks I'm nuts. It's simply incomprehensible for her. Or like what the advertisers say, "The Ladies don't get it!"

Come on United! And may Park score one too tonight.

P.S. We won! 2-0. And now for the Big one in Moscow!


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