11 May 2008

Final Term Check up

Next Friday is our IDT Final Term Check Up. I dread the day as its Exam's day for us to check if we have learnt our memory verses and Discipling paradigms. Thankfully the verses are lesser for this time. Still, I got to start this afternoon to write out the verses onto my namecards and to learnt them as I walk to the bus-stop each day.

Do we need such exams? How I wished there were none. Old-ies like me cannot really remember well. Yet, maybe another reason I dislike it is the inevitable 'comparisons' at the end where we need to submit our exam scores to the DGL and he has to collate to pass it to the Zone Mentor. It'll not be nice if I scored only 60-70 and the rest of my DG scores 90s. Face comes into the picture. By the way, my score at the last check up was 80, before that - 70+.

Of course, I can disregard the face part and just do my 'level best'. Sure, but the motivation level will not be as strong. My proposed way is to do scripture memory at a reasonable pace and at a modular level, say 8 verses per month to be checked at the small group level. Once its reviewed. go onto the next 8 verses. This should be done all year round until its becomes like our HP number which we won't forget.

alright, enough said...better take my lunch and get on with the memory work ;-)

P.S. I scored 88, actually higher because my marker very strict. But never mind, it was a good score. Interesting how we are motivated for little brownie points and may missed the bigger picture of letting the Word of God work in us.


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